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Sterling Silver Hamsa Inlaid C'z Pendant

These judaica pendants are artifacts rlated to jewish symbols or culture, it will symbol your belives and lifestyle.

Gold Filled Vaulted Small Leaf Pendant

The leave pendant will help you decorate your jewelry with a natural style

Gold Filled 4mm Buttercup Earring +Pink Stone

This pair of stud earrings will upgrade your look. It has a pleasant stone soldered onto and it is easy to lock. In addtion, you can wear them in a special occasion or in everdays life.

14K Gold yellow 2.5mm roundel bead 064BLP10000000

Roundel flattened beads are unique beads which would work adequately as spacers in your jewelry projects. Spacer beads are multipurpose they can draw attention to feature beads, lengthen a piece of jewelry, offer contrast and emphasize a colored beads.

14KW Tube hoop earring 12mm 14X3512-C

Hoop tube earrings are designed to open and close easily, thanks to the integrated hinge or endless fit that maintain the unique and perfect hoop shape.

14K Lever-loop/Cover 141300-L-S

Leaverback earrings have a plain front and rounded loop. Most of them feature a ring onto which you can mount a pendant. With a lever spring fitting on the back for a secure fit you can create an impressive pieces of jewellry.